Popular Science & Media

Popular science writing

2018 – ‘Coucals Make Their Final Descent‘ – Article for the Australian Age of Dinosaurs magazine (Issue 15, January).

2017 – ‘Tall turkeys and nuggety chickens – large ‘megapode’ birds once lived across Australia‘ – Article for The Conversation (14th June).

2016 – ‘The world’s biggest cuckoos once roamed the Nullarbor Plain‘ – Article for The Conversation (29th July).

Media, interviews and presentations

2017 – Video interview promoting Flinders University Palaeontology (1 min.)

2017 – Live radio interview for ABC Radio Adelaide Drive with Jules Schiller (891 AM) (15th June).

2017 – Live radio interview for Singapore’s 938Live News Radio (14th June).

2017 – Recorded radio interview with Caroline Winter for ABC Radio’s South Australian Country Hour (14th June).

2014 – ‘Million-year Menagerie: the Thylacoleo Caves Fossil Fauna‘ – Invited talk to the Selwyn Symposium, Geological Society of Australia Victoria Division (3rd October, University of Melbourne).

2012 – ‘Meet the Researcher‘ – Interview for Australian Birdlife magazine, (vol. 1, no.4, December).